Simian Enterprises is the trading name of Gary Stanton, a freelance web developer working in sunny Brighton, UK.

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I discovered the internet in 1996, (which was back before good websites were actually invented), and I've been coding pretty much every day since then.

Over a decade later and creating websites is still my favourite thing in the world. I love that the web industry is so fast moving, new ideas and techniques are created every single day. I never stop learning new things, and that's a great position to be in.

I specialse in developing bespoke applications, built to automate the day to day tasks of my clients' businesses. Over the past few years, I have also become passionate about web standards, and all that this entails.

I love all aspects of the web, but I'm particularly fond of Coldfusion, CSS, POSH & jQuery - probably in that order.

When I'm not making websites, I run a t-shirt company creating designs based on old skool retro video games: RetroGT.com.


Simian Enterprises is the trading name of Gary Stanton, a freelance web developer working by the sea in Brighton, UK. Gary's been creating websites since 1996 and still loves it. Read more


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